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Alexander Liberman fitflop australia

Alexander Liberman


One sees through the sculpture to interiors and the opposite sides. This openness coupled with balance effect can be seen as a denial of mass just as the phoenix is a denial of death.


The sculpture although not massive is earth oriented. The width at the base is wider than the top. This "phoenix" is not intended to fly.


5. E fitflop sale ffect of gravity. While most sculpture classically is defined in terms of interaction of mass and gravity, in "Phoenix" the sculpture is defined in terms of balance and gravity. The emphasis on balance provides an animal quality balance is the animal's counter response to gravitational pull.


6. Definition of space. The sculpture utilizes space as a theatre for motion. Space is a positive quality independent of the sculpture. Space, like gravity, is here opposite balance and motion, rather than mass.


7. Surface. Flat orange painted steel. Surface effect is minimal and unimportant, as long as it is unobtrusive.


Light is important, however, in creating depth through shadows on the interior of the sculpture.


8. Comments. The sculpture struck me more and more effective and interesting the longer I viewed it. The dynamic qualities overcame the coldness and ironic qualities of the steel.


Associations. Tubes = blood vessels / life tubes / columns / pilings / hostility to pilings, concrete support columns, substituting motion, hollow vessels, life.


Later associations. Tubes = bones without marrow / hinged bones / lifting, rising (person).


Whorls of air / tubes of whorls / tubes of rings of air created b fitflops y bird rising.


Hart Crane, To Brooklyn Bridge. "How many dawns, chill from his rippling rest/ the seagull's wings shall dip and pivot him,/ shedding white rings of tumult, building high/ Over the chained bay waters Liberty "

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