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Mature Women Dating Technique

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As a party boy, there’s a technique that I use to build a massive amount of value in a very short period of time. I call it my Rambo technique. RJ saw me do this the last time I was out. If you are one of the people who have been asleep for the past twenty or so years, Rambo is a guy that pretty much just runs and guns. I use a similar technique. My Rambo technique is all about running and gunning.

How does it work? This works best in somewhat crowded venues with a decent number of mature women. As soon as you enter the venue, instantly go into set (you should be doing that anyway), run one routine or move, quickly move to another set, execute one routine or move, and then continue this with as many sets as possible, working in one general area so that each set sees you talking to another. In general, you don’t want to spend anymore than 1-2 minutes with each set. 

There are several benefits to using my Rambo technique. First, you’re not going to have to worry about holding sets (just one routine or move per set). Secondly, those mature girls have no clue whether or not you know the other mature girls, so it instantly makes you look popular with mature women. Thirdly, when they see the other mature girls having fun and enjoying your company, it quickly builds jealousy. You are the center of attention, and every girl is going to want you back with them.

So what is an example of using my Rambo technique. I might tell one girl that she is absolutely beautiful, and when she starts smiling, I’ll move to the next set. Then I might high five my way into the next set and show them how to do my secret handshake. Next, I might go into a third set, grab one of their hands, and spin them around. Then I might go back to a previous set and play Marry/Fuck/Kill. While I’m doing this, I might turn my head and stick my tongue out at a different set. Then I might turn back around and tease a girl. And then I might look at another girl and make fun of a guy by pantomiming blowing my brains out. I might follow this up by teasing a girl and mocking her voice or making fun of something about her in a joking manner. Finally, I might start introducing the sets to each other.

Anyhow, you understand where I’m going. You want to move between as many sets as you can in a general area. I usually run this between 3-5 sets, numbering anywhere between 7-16 mature women(rough estimate). Close to the bar usually produces multiple sets in a small area. You just want to focus on short routines or moves that last no longer than one or two minutes. This is going to significantly raise your value in a matter of minutes.

By the time you decide to focus on one girl, she is going to appreciate your company and it’s going to make her feel “special” because you chose her. Her friends are much more likely to leave the two of you alone, as they also realize that you are a high value guy. This is a VERY powerful technique for quickly building a massive amount of value in a very short period of time.

Step 1)
 Find a crowded area of the bar or party that has a decent number of mature women.

Step 2) Run one routine or move lasting anywhere between 1-2 minutes (or just a few seconds).

Step 3)
 Quickly move between 3-5 sets of mature women, repeating step two.

Voila. Massive value quickly created.

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  • 10 September 2021
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